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Nehes prayer to Isis

There is a well-known morning prayer to Isis around the web which has been translated incorrectly. The incorrect translation is still poetic and lovely, but I thought I would attempt a more accurate translation. If you can improve further on the accuracy, let me know 🙂

Nehes, nehes, nehes Awake awake, awake,
Nehes em hotep, Awake in peace,
Nehes em neferu, Awake in beauty
Nebet hotepet Lady of Offerings
Weben em hotep, Rise in peace,
Weben em neferu, Rise in beauty,
Nutjert en Ankh, Daughter of life,
Nefer em Pet! Beauteous one of the skies!
Pet em hotep, The sky is at peace
Ta em hotep, Earth is at peace,
Nutjert sat Nut, Daughter of Nut,
Sat Geb, Merit Auser, Daughter of Geb, Beloved of Osiris
Nutjert Asha-renu! Rich in names!
Anekh hrak Your face is hidden
Anekh hrak Your face is hidden
Tua atu, Tua atu I am rested and composed,
Nebet Aset! Lady Isis!

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