… a thought making crooked all that is straight.


Uncomfortable progress

I’ve been hyper-focusing on the mundane recently. Money worries. To the point where I fooled myself into thinking that the whole point of this existential shebang was to have money. It’s not like I am talking savings or a house, I’m talking enough money to pay bills and buy food. I am skimming my grocery list culling the unnecessaries and finding low-cost alternatives to what I need. That’s the kind of money worry I’m talking about. It’s difficult elevating my mind to my spiritual life although it’s always there whether in the “messages” received through synchronicities sent by “the universe” or in the spirit contact awake or in dreams. The other night my hands were seized and shaken hard. My response was a firm, “Fuck off!” … I have other worries right now. But perhaps I need a firm shaking in general. Perhaps all this stress is a form of soul shaking. A friend the other day congratulated me on my “uncomfortable progress”, that I was a “go-getter” she said in her Utah drawl and that I seemed to be moving forward even if it was the progress of a person dragging herself over broken glass.

I don’t know the future outcome. If I did I could digest it, adjust and make plans. It’s the unknowing that jibes. The unknowing calls for that thing I find so hard to do – letting go. It’s such a New Age-ism, “Hey man, just let go and trust in the universe!” Ah, fuck off. I’m neither open to being shaken by spirits or to having my hair stroked by a patchouli scented bro. This shit is hard. This kind of stress accompanies me every moment of the day. Only my dreams have been clear of money worries, instead I have dreamt of blood … a man in black kisses me and gifts me with a silver DNA helix that is melted down one side; a Heathen woman attacks me and steals my blood; a friend slides a silver device into my neck and also starts to take my blood … I am obsessed by blood these days, firstly as I consider my heritage and then secondly because I seem to have secondary hemochromatosis (still under investigation). Blood has spilled even into my art as I am embroidering a red blood cell based piece for exhibiting at a show next year. Anyway, at least my dreams seem to hold onto things other than money and mundane stressors. I’m doing what I can. I was told once that I was “resourceful”. I didn’t know what they meant, but now I know that it’s because I make a little go a long way, I turn situations to my benefit even if it is through death-defying mental gymnastics. That latter is a double-edged sword as it has also made me put up with crap from people for longer than I should have because I rammed on my rose-tinted glasses. Sometimes shit is just shit.

I am a Chicken Licken, always have been. Chicken Licken who had a nut fall on his head and instead of thinking, “Ah, nut!” runs around shouting, “The sky is falling in! The sky is falling in!” Whereas money worries and health worries can indeed bring a sense of celestial Armageddon, ultimately I need to chill my boots and do what I can. After all, the future does not yet exist and my degree of worrying is like facing an opponent in the ring and believing that I can beat him through fantasy alone – my inimitable mental gymnastics won’t stop me from being hit squarely in the face. But it’s up to me whether I get up again or not. Some days I honestly don’t think I will get up. I’m throwing in the towel. Other days I re-find my sense of purpose and it’s not to pay bills – although that has to be done – no, that’s not my PURPOSE. I did not slide from my mother’s belly with a desire for financial stability and money will not keep me warm in the grave. I have never had nor wanted the social standing that comes with money, so it has never been part of what makes me, Seshat.

Yes, I have done magick to help my finances and it worked exactly as I had intended for it to work. But on the same day I had confirmation that all would be well … another fucker arrived and put me back in the same situation as before. So obviously I need to be in this uncomfortable phase for another 6 months or so, which is when it will be resolved one way or another. “Uncomfortable progress” – it just depends on what you choose to see as progress. Another scan? Progress. Another blood test? Progress. Another 25 page form to fill in? Progress is a page at a time … This blog post? Progress, as I slowly pull my head out of my own behind and look around blearily at the world and realise that it’s kind of spring, in spite of the recent bout of snow. Yesterday I saw my first butterfly – large and luminous, lemon yellow, called a “Brimstone” … the devil waving hello. Fucker. After all “uncomfortable progress” is his watchword.

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Maggots Part II: A sense of the ridiculous

Ok, ok, so know your maggots but for goddess’ sake don’t go around dissecting everything that just LOOKS like a maggot … some things just are, some things are not in your control, some things do not respond to the rationalist analysis.

I’m sitting on a chair. Why am I sitting on this chair? It’s a bit uncomfortable. Ah, I must be punishing myself and this stems from my Catholic upbringing and the inherent guilt. It wasn’t my fault. I was brought up Catholic it was my mother’s fault. Ergo. It is my mother’s fault I am sitting on this chair.

I’m eating breakfast in the kitchen and not in the living room. Why is this? A living room is for relaxing in, therefore I am not giving myself permission often enough in my life to relax. This is because of the work ethic I was brought up with. It wasn’t my fault. My mother is German. Ergo. It’s my mother’s fault that I sit in the kitchen to eat breakfast.

It’s raining today. The weather report yesterday said it would be sunny. I feel disappointed that it’s raining. Why is this? I thought it would be sunny but it is raining; the meteorologist lied. This supports my belief that everybody lies to me. It’s not my fault. My mother never warned me that life is unpredictable. Ergo. It’s my mother’s fault that it’s raining.

Do you see what I mean?? And do NOT come back and congratulate me for this blinding psychological discovery that it’s all my mother’s fault! I am J.O.K.I.N.G. Geddit?

I can be as intense as the next person, but I sprinkle it with humour and the ability to laugh at myself. While writing this I am giggling away. The RH came into the office and said, “Are you laughing at yourself again?” He says that I find myself the most amusing subject matter, more so than anybody or anything else. It is true. I see the ridiculous in myself and it makes me laugh. My humour helps me climb mountains, and even when my feet are bleeding I am chuckling because I have wide feet that look like duck’s feet and my mind will start to envisage a duck quacking up a mountainside. When my ex turned up on the scene recently I was terrified, but I could still laugh about it at moments because it felt like I was Penelope Pitstock legging it in thigh-high pink boots from my adversary who loped behind me in a black cloak while twiddling his moustache …

Life is ridiculous. It is not always (or ever!) to be controlled. Other people cannot be controlled … So another person needs therapy and they won’t go for it? So what? Let them stew in their own complexes and when their life self-combusts maybe they will reconsider. Harsh? Pragmatic. If someone is ill and then refuses to take care of him-/herself but expects copious amounts of sympathy and emotional balm; leave them crippled. How else will they learn the simple lesson of cause and effect if you keep leaping in like some divine abrogator who deflects the consequences of their actions, sooths, calms and sacrifices your self on the altar of their ego (this does not preclude helping people with everything you have when they truly want to be helped – but believe me, not everyone does want help – some people actually like their life a bit shitty – apparent victims often hold all the power!).

I am right royally sick of it. And there I was yesterday saying I would control my urge to use the blog as an outlet for my vitriol. Oh no. Did you believe me? Do you feel betrayed and hurt? Have I just confirmed the ‘fact’ in your life that everyone lets you down? Glad to be of service.

Have you heard the one about the Jew who every time he dropped his buttered toast it fell on the buttered side. One day it fell butter side up. He was elated. Was this to be a change of fortune for him? He ran to the rabbi and said, “Rabbi, whenever I drop my buttered toast it always lands on the buttered side, but this morning I dropped it and it landed butter side up. Is this a sign from G-d that my fortunes are changing?” The rabbi pondered, and hummed and ha-ed and consulted various Talmudic reference books. Finally he came back to the man and said, “You buttered the wrong side of the bread.” Oy vey!

©StarofSeshat 2009