… a thought making crooked all that is straight.


The Occult Digest by Black Moon Publishing

Originating in the 1920s, The Occult Digest is now reborn at the hands of Black Moon Publishing.

Quoting BMP:

…it is our goal to bring this time-tested entity into the present day to give voice to the many writers, artists and poets representing the myriad facets of esoteric thought, practice, and expression.

I am proud to say that this edition also includes my interview with Sean Woodward, Grand Master for Great Britain & Ireland of the Ordo Templi Orientis Antiqua & La Couleuvre Noire. He is a contemporary esotericist, with over three and a half decades of dedicated magickal experience and seeks to create artistic portals and magickal machines of illumination and devotion to the Hoodoo and Les Vudu. You can find more about Sean HERE.

To preview the contents and buy a copy of THE OCCULT DIGEST, please follow the link below:

The Occult Digest :: Vol I, Issue I
A Journal of Esoteric Thought, Practice, and Expression
Edited by Dr. Louie Martinié


Re-membering the Dead

This week I celebrated my birthday, except it was an exceptionally bittersweet day … The afternoon before my birthday I found out that the man I consider and love as my childhood father and spiritual father was dying. The morning of my birthday, I was told he had died in the night.

Before now, I have loved, lost and grieved my adopted Navajo mother and a man I referred to as my “Spirit-Grandfather”. Each of them taught me so much and allowed me to unfold as I needed to at the time. The relationships were not perfect …; these were multi-faceted, loving, poetic, challenging, supportive, joyous and in all we focused as much on the spiritual as the profane, in differing ways.


Sitting in a castle dungeon in Germany, writing an essay on the Holocaust, the sunlight streaming through the open door, when suddenly all went dark … a tall man stood in the doorway, like a shadow, the backlit sun obscuring his features in darkness. His booming voice filled the dungeon as he began, without any greeting, to recite poetry to me in German. This was the moment I met my Spirit-Grandfather.


Travelling through the New Mexican desert with my adopted mother, visiting Hopi First Mesa. The Hopi women staring suspiciously at the Native American and the white woman, wondering how the hell we fit together. Shimá, my mother, explains to them that I am her adopted daughter. The women smile and laugh and open their arms welcomingly. They feed us blue bread which is so fine that it breaks apart like ashes and floats off in the wind as I laugh.


Visiting my childhood father at the monastery where he was abbot. He hugs me hello and it’s the best and safest hug I have every experienced. I cry. He sits me down with a bowl of tea. I am fascinated that the monks drink tea and coffee from big bowls. My father tells me he refuses to hear any confession from me, that I am a child and have committed no sin. Instead we pray and then he recites poetry to me. This time it’s his turn to cry as he always does when he recites poetry. I hold his hand and we sit quietly before the Muse.

The memories are in my blood. They reside within me. May Ma’at’s feather be on their tongues. May they pass into the Du’at. May their souls be elevated so they join the blessed Aakhu. I grieve the loss of them, yet I know they are not truly lost, merely dis-placed, a shift in time and place, multi-layered eternity. Like Isis re-membering Osiris, so my memories allow them to be both dead and alive.

resurrection plant

The so-called “Resurrection Plant”

©StarofSeshat 2016

Shameless promotion of ritual “tools” I love

I think I’ve only ever pimped out one other person on this blog in terms of ritual tools, and that was AIDAN WACHTER for his talismanic jewellery (of which I have two pendants and another on its way).

Today I’d like to introduce you to a lady who makes candles and incense. I am a particular fan of her incense, especially her Jamaican Voodoo. Please go and check out her shop HERE

I’m very stingy with promoting stuff on my blog (I’m asked a lot to advertise and I refuse), but Maria’s candles and incense are worth it. So go buy! 🙂

Lady Helene's Flames

Lady Helene’s Flames

Recommended: “A Few Words on Dirt Sorcery” by silfrsmith

Another excellent blog post by Aidan/silfrsmith on his great site. Highly recommended:

A Few Words on Dirt Sorcery by silfrsmith

Treat yourself to having a look as well at Aidan’s talismanic jewellery. I, myself, have one piece already and another in the workings – beautiful, unique work by a talented guy!

Tveir Hrafnar – Magickal Talismans

Where’s Seshat?

See if you can spot me in this beautiful video, entitled Erbeth Transmission I. I am there as a piece of artwork by Lloyd Keane:

Snow in the valley where I live



Snow tree

©StarofSeshat 2013

African Alchemy’s post: Red Ink

Copied from my dear friend at African Alchemy, her post RED INK:

Slavoj Žižek at OccupyWallStreet going viral:

So what are we doing here? Let me tell you a wonderful, old joke from Communist times. A guy was sent from East Germany to work in Siberia. He knew his mail would be read by censors, so he told his friends: “Let’s establish a code. If a letter you get from me is written in blue ink, it is true what I say. If it is written in red ink, it is false.” After a month, his friends get the first letter. Everything is in blue. It says, this letter: “Everything is wonderful here. Stores are full of good food. Movie theatres show good films from the west. Apartments are large and luxurious. The only thing you cannot buy is red ink.” This is how we live. We have all the freedoms we want. But what we are missing is red ink: the language to articulate our non-freedom. The way we are taught to speak about freedom— war on terror and so on—falsifies freedom. And this is what you are doing here. You are giving all of us red ink…


A fascinating and vibrant woman – Freya Aswynn

Another great podcast by Occult of Personality:

Occult of Personality intervew with Freya Aswynn

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Verehrt und Angespien, Villon recited by Kinski

Whatever you think of Kinski personally, he was a genius actor!